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xoxo Gayle, Owner

Buy Black Directory

As the owner of Vinti Couture, I wanted to create a page within my website to encourage the "recycling of Black dollars" thus creating wealth, jobs, pride, strength and unity in the Black community. 

With so many social economic issues within our community, self-hate & police brutality its time that those who are AWAKE, live to be AWAKE. It starts with knowledge; the knowledge of your true black history, not the dirt & chains they wanted you to think you came from.  Start with self-love for yourself and learn to love & embrace for your community.  Start "Buying Black" as much as you can and help rebuild what they aim to keep away.

Black Owned Businesses:

House of Senoj

Homemade Candles, beauty products, household d├ęcor & accessories

Swank Blue

Hello Tee

    Clothing, Accessories & Mugs (Women & Children)

    Lucky Ducks

    Custom acrylic & embroidered items


    Custom Glassware (**FYI more items to be added to this store's website in the near feature)

    **This list will be updated as new businesses are found. If you are the owner of a Black Owned Business or know of one please email their website to us so that we may post to this listing